Vidéo Game & Motion Design
Programming • Ben Litz

It’s a deviation of a famous video-game archetype from the 90’s call « Beat’em all« .
There are video games in which close combat fighting against multiple opponents is the main objectif.(like double dragon, street of rage …)
This game here, call Ready to Destroy, uses this archetype for asking questions about society’s problems linked to the hyper-capitalism, and to the hegemonic control and shaping of individual and collective modes of existence. The main caracters are two unaffected people who go down the street and fight and destroy everything link with the mediatic conditioning, like advertising billboards, phoneboxes, cars, shops and all people trying to stop them… Those tow caracters are refer to the self-destructive tendency we can notice in our hyper-capitalism society,
So desparate in RD this tow guys destroy things without tools or weapons, for illustrat the anti-materialistic way of thinking.
Bodies are efficient for make things change, They are only dress with light armor and bathrobe, for materialise the idea of a very light psychic protection against conditioning, and their nude body refer to the Hotaku or also call Hikikomori. It’s a syndrom that appear, in first, in japan and more in the big megalopolis like Tokyo, and we quickly found the equivalent in western country, we call that: NoLife or Geek. This syndrom is link with the pressure of our society and the powerfull of the conitive technologie (call technologies of spirit). We can see some people flee reel word by the way of virtal one and this poeple live isolat from the rest, in their bedroom and they usualy don’t wear clothes So in RD those disaffected young man pass to act and they fixe their madness on the technologie in charge of their psychological disorders.


for the level i take pictures of my environement, I considere photographie as witness of contemporary context and the level is build with a sort of digestion of this unused place. This process open the posibility to rebuilt the mood of different city.
(I’m actually in Dublin for a student exchange in NCAD, this trip offert me the possibitlity to capture the dublin mood.)

Caracters are take from reality, but i need some move who not all poeple can’t do, like reel fall, jump and other thing.
The lac of volontary push me to used to deguise me and my friends for make the kind of caracters i needed.

Sound & Music :

Making sound and music with Reason and Cubase.


on the web and conception of one or more arcade machines to materialise the digital production.

In Brief Ready to Destroy is product by two childrens of the digital technologie who want affirm their generation’s singularities and also entertain people with a funny but involved arcade game, where you could let off steam, as a therapy through destruction, on a old school arcade’s paddle.
(2005 - 2010)

Kit Klein
Graphic & Motion Design
Biarritz, France