All I’ve Got • from the album Dust to Stars

Léon Phal · Zacharie Ksyk • Gauthier Toux • Arthur Alard • Rémi Bouyssière

© La Colonne d’Air  | ℗ Kyudo Records

Thanks to Thibaud Rolland (Director of Nancy Jazz Pulsations )and Léon Phal to give me the opportunity to make this music video project. That was a challenge but finally got this 7 minutes sequence shot synch with this beautiful track: All I’ve Got from the album Dust to Stars. I Also want to thanks Cinema4d @maxonvfx , @INSYDIUM, @Greyscalegorillaz, @Rocket Lasso, @Eyedesyn and all this people who put ressources and tutorials to help us grow in 3D world. I render the 9770 frames x 21 pass on @ranchcomputing, (around 700 Go of data for one scene) thanks to the staff for the assistance and their understanding.